Copyright Declaration

By using the Tapni DesignerÔäó - for design and customization features on to create your custom digital business cards or any other products, you are entering into a legal agreement and asserting the following:

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Using Tapni DesignerÔäó

  1. Ownership or Public Domain: You confirm that you are either the rightful owner of any contentÔÇöbe it images, logos, designs, or any other materialsÔÇöor that the content is in the public domain.

  2. Legal Authority: You warrant that you possess the legal right and authorization to use and reproduce the design or content you are submitting.

  3. No Third-Party Claims: To the best of your knowledge, you are unaware of any intellectual property claims from third parties regarding the content you are using.

  4. Infringement of Rights: The content you are using does not violate the privacy rights, celebrity rights, moral rights, or any other rights of any third party.

  5. Appropriate Content: The content is neither defamatory nor obscene and adheres to community standards.

  6. Legality: The content does not contain material that is illegal or prohibited under applicable laws.

  7. Inclusive Material: Your submitted content does not contain material that discriminates against, harasses, or targets any individual or group based on race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected under applicable laws.

We retain the right to reject or remove any content that contradicts or violates the stipulations laid out in this Copyright Declaration and Content Usage Policy.

Customer Consent for Promotional Use: By proceeding with your order, you grant Tapni permission to photograph and/or use the finalized product for marketing or advertising purposes. Note that Tapni will not use your submitted images, trademarked logos, or copyrighted materials for profit or resale separate from your order.

By submitting your design, you are acknowledging and accepting the terms set forth in this Copyright Declaration and Content Usage Policy. Thank you for respecting these guidelines, ensuring a fair and responsible use of intellectual property.